About Vinkie

To find out about Vinkie, you will need to understand what a Vinkie is.  Vinkie is the Afrikaans for Finch and this page is dedicated to finches and finch keeping.  As an avid finch keeper the site aims to assist others in their finch keeping activities and to promote finch keeping as a whole.

Finches are easily kept with such a variety of colours and personalities, that one is able to distinguish the individuals in the aviary or cage visually and audibly.

Many birds in other families are also commonly called “finches”, including some species in the very similar-looking waxbills or estrildid finches (family Passeridae, subfamily Estrildinae) of the Old World tropics and Australia; several groups of the bunting and American sparrow family (Emberizidae); and Darwin’s finches of the Galapagos islands

Translation of Vinkie

af  finch in Afrikaans:  vink hr  finch in Croatian:  zeba
et  finch in Estonian:  vint br_24x24  finch in Breton:  tentilh o
fi  finch in Finnish:  peippolintu de  finch in German:  der Fink
dk  finch in Danish:  finke fr  finch in French:  pinson
es  finch in Spanish:  pinz n it  finch in Italian:  fringuello
no  finch in Norwegian:  finke id  finch in Indonesian:  sejenis burung parkit
fr  finch in French:  pinson is  finch in Icelandic:  finka
lt  finch in Lithuanian:  kikilis ml  finch in Malay:  burung cakar
nl  finch in Dutch:  vink sl  finch in Slovak:  pinka