Heat wave

Heat wave  conditions are expected in the northern and central regions of South Africa today.  In Centurion the forecast for temperature highs are 39oC during mid day and around  32oC early evening.  Be sure to cool down your finches by injecting/spaying water into the air.  You could cool down the temperature to a manageable 26oC.

Extreme Weather

Extreme weather takes its toll on finches, over the past two weeks South Africa has seen temperatures rising as high as 38oC. During these conditions be sure to add moisture to the air via your irrigation system to keep the temperatures to a manageable level.

You can quickly see if your finches aimg_0568re taking strain.  This Diamond Sparrow is trying to cool down via a gaping beak.  They tend to succumb to exhaustion quite quickly in dry heat.

Luckily the extreme heat has been alleviated by rain of just over 100mm in the past week and temperatures rising moderately to 25 – 28oC.

Gouldians joins Finchville

After years of pondering the addition of Gouldians,  a pair of Gouldians joins Finchville, finally a pair moved in during December. Hopefully they will have time to adapt to outdoor living in the lush aviary well before the onset of winter in May.

Gouldian Male

Gouldian Male

Read more about the care of Gouldian Finches as they are quite pedantic about their environment and diet.

Hatching Brood

Hatching BroodThis morning the first sound from a very excited white Zebra finch indicated that the we are having a hatching brood.  On closer inspection this was indeed found to be the case.  One of the Zebra finch eggs had hatched and the other three were imminent.