Bengalese Finch

Bengalese FinchDESCRIPTION

Bengalese Finches are about 5 inches (11cm) in size. Bred in wide range of colours, and some varieties have small crest.  Dark brown Bengalese are called Self Chocolate, lighter brown Self Fawns, pied variants Fawn and White, a Chestnut variant in self and pied forms, and pure called Self White. Immatures duller and paler. There is no visible distinction between sexes and one has to be very careful in selecting a pair.


Bengalese are not found in wild, they have been bred from Sharp-Tailed Munia (Lonchura striata), and may have been first domesticated in China.



Oldest-known domesticated cage bird.


Millet and other small cereal seeds, plus green-stuff.


Peace during breeding; do not disturb the Bengalese Finch, even if known as a bird that allows regular nest inspections. Don’t allow more than four broods per season, and avoid winter breeding.


The Bengalese Finch is Suitable as aviary and cage bird. Compatible and breeds readily. Male sings during breeding season. Supply with ample half-open nest boxes, 10 X 10 X 10 inches (25 X 25 X 25cm), and nesting material (coconut fibers and grass). Lays 5 to 7 eggs, incubation 18 to 21 days by both parents, fledging 20 to 24 days. Fed by parents for another 40 days, then move to large box cage. Young should not breed until at least 1 year old. Also excellent as foster parents. Return foster nestlings to natural parents once they reach adulthood; otherwise the young will want to stay near their foster parents and won’t associate with own kind.