Star Finch


The Star Finch is one of the smaller finches, only measuring 4 to 4 1/2 inches (10-11cm) in size. Star Finches have scarlet face with small white spots extending to and becoming larger on the light olive breast. Also light olive on back and wings. The uppertail coverts red, underparts pale yellow, tail rufous. Star Finches have brown eyes, a red beak, and the legs are light brown. Female has less red, greyish underparts.


Northern Australia.


Tall grass, rice fields, cane fields, bushes and trees, near water.


The Star Finch enjoy Insects, seeds, greens and, especially during breeding season, vitamins, minerals and rearing foods.


House indoors at room temperature during autumn and winter.


The Star Finch is peaceful, shy and quiet, good in aviary with other small finches. Spends a lot of time on ground. Male may become aggressive during breeding season. Easy to breed if kept in well-planted (grass, reeds, ivy, dense bushes), quiet aviary. Pair builds its own round grass nest, rather than use a box. Lays 3 to 5 eggs, incubation 13 to 14 days by both parents, fledging 22 to 25 days. Pair may throw young from nest when not satisfied with food.