Brooding and hatching

The brooding and hatching  for finches will start at different times in the season.   Some of the Zebra finches in Finchville have been known to start in late autumn.   Finches will lay between 2 and 4 eggs per brood, normally 1-2 days apart. Once all of the eggs have been laid, the female will start the incubation process. The male will also take part in the incubation process to allow the female time to eat, bath and in general just to fly around.

The incubation period for a Finch is 12 – 14 days. The eggs will hatch in roughly the same order as being laid, and will also hatch with a 1 to 2 day interval.

Once the chicks have hatched they are featherless and their eyes are closed. They do however have very sparce down covering their body. Their eyes will remain closed until the 3rd day.  This is also an indication that they will start to grow feathers.  You will notice the first feather sheaths to appear on the wings.

The feather will start to appear 12 days after hatching and will take little more than a week to cover.  Once they have feathers and are able to fly they will be weened from the nest.  but this is usually quite a tedious process.  Bengalese fledgelings will leave the nest much later than Zebra finches.

Laying Time-line (5 – 7 days)

Day 1 – laying the first egg

Day 2 – rest

Day 3 – Laying second egg

Day 4 – rest

Day 5 – Laying third egg

Brooding  (12- 14 days)

Hatching (4 – 5  days)


Day 1 – 8 feeding and growing